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ITI 375 - Cybersecurity Foundations Training

Registration Option: Open Enrollment

Total Course Hours: 75

Materials:  You must purchase Textbook(s)/ materials and bring them to the first class

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Gain the skills, knowledge, and credentials required to begin a career in the fields of Information Technology and Cybersecurity. You will learn the fundamentals of Linux including the essentials of the file system, command line interface, and basic utilities. You will also obtain essential knowledge of networking. Learn to how the internet works and how to combine servers, routers, switches, hubs, and gateways into networks that can connect to the internet. Gain an understanding of how SSL, DHCP, DNS HTTPS combine to give us our modern internet security framework.

Finally, prepare for the CompTIA Security+ certification. Security+ is one of the most widely sought after certifications for those seeking to either enter or advance in the security field. In this course, learn the key concepts and skills required to obtain this industry significant certification.


Basic computer knowledge, keyboarding skills, operating systems knowledge, a strong interest in computers and technology, and good problem solving skills.


Upon completion of this course students should be able to:

  • Apply fundamental knowledge of Linux to be functional and productive on Unix-based operating systems.
  • Combine  servers, routers, switches, hubs and gateways into networks.
  • Use penetration testing tools to ascertain application vulnerabilities
  • Build a modern internet security frameware using HTTPs. DHCP, SSL, DNS. 
  • Take the CompTIA Security+ certification