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English Language for Academic Purposes (ELAP)

The English Language for Academic Purposes (ELAP) program offers 2 levels of writing, reading, and speaking/listening courses and an integrated skills "capstone" course in order to meet the language and academic cultural-adaptation needs of non-native speakers of English. In addition to classroom work, laboratory work is required both to satisfy course requirements for needed practice in written and oral/aural communication.

Following admission to the College, students are administered the Accuplacer ESL at an Assessment Center to determine their current level of English proficiency, as required by College regulations. The students are then placed at the appropriate levels in courses. Throughout the program, courses emphasize Academic English, including communication, critical thinking, and language skills necessary for successful college work in the United States.

ELAP Courses

All ELAP courses are listed below by subject. Based on placement test score, students may not need to take all courses as listed. See the typical course sequences (PDF, Get Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader.-Link opens in new window.) .

Steps to Enroll

Apply for admission and complete related enrollment requirements. 

After admissions, students who are nonnative speakers of English should register for and take the Accuplacer ESL test and writing sample in the Assessment Center. Before you begin your ELAP program, under certain circumstances, you may repeat the ESL placement test, but not during the same testing period (October-January, March-May, June-August).Please see a counselor or visit the department to determine your eligibility to re-test. When you take the test, you will receive information about when your placements will be available online.

Complete the online Academic Orientation in MyMC to receive your placements. You should also meet with a counselor individually. Register for your ELAP courses online or get help at the Raptor Central on your campus.