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For Partner Institutions: Schedule a Campus Visit

Institutions that would like to visit an MC campus must complete the request form below. When completing the form, please identify the services provided; these may include application fee waivers, transcript reviews, faculty interviews, etc. A list of possible services is provided at the top of the form.

MC will use the following guidelines when reviewing requests:

  • Institutions will be limited to two visits per month, per campus, unless otherwise agreed upon.
  • Only MC's Institutional Partners will be allowed to table on campus.
  • Minimum of two weeks notice is required.
  • Only two institutions may visit a campus per day.
  • Only one table will be provided on your visit.
  • No visits will be scheduled on:
    • The first and last week of the semester
    • The week of finals
    • The week of transfer fairs
    • The week of Thanksgiving and Spring Break
    • MC reserves the right to identify additional dates as necessary

Please note: the best time to visit is from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. Please identify the time you wish to visit on the form. Friday visits are not recommended. You can see confirmed visits on our Transfer Events Page.

If you are interested in becoming an institutional partner, please submit a proposal.

Visits are not confirmed until you receive email confirmation. You can check the status of your request by emailing

If you wish to visit a class instead, please email your request. Include the subject (e.g Accounting I, Intro to Sociology), and the campus(es) you wish to visit.  

Schedule a Campus Visit