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WDCE's Information Technology Institute has a wide variety of noncredit, hands-on computer training classes ranging from very basic computer skills to advanced software development and computer certification classes.


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America's Promise Grant Program

America’s Promise Job-Driven Grant Program is a tuition-free jobs training program designed to strengthen the pipeline of skilled workers to expand our region’s middle-to high-skilled workforce in in the Information Technology and Cybersecurity industries. To help achieve this goal, the grant provides individuals the opportunity to attain high-quality, tuition free education that leads to in-demand industry-recognized credentials. To be eligible for this program, you must be either an unemployed worker, and underemployed worker or have an employer attest to the fact that this training will increase your value to the organization. Learn more about America's Promise Grant Program and how to apply to be considered for the program.

Customized Contract Training for Businesses

Does your business need computer training for your employees? Most of our classes are also available as customized contract training for your business or organization. Contact Alton Henley, Jr., Senior Program Director, at 240-567-3826 or