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ITI 421 - Networking Fundamentals

Registration Option: Open Enrollment

Total Course Hours: 18

Materials:  You must purchase Textbook(s)/ materials and bring them to the first class

If you do not see a class listed in our catalog, it is not available for registration at this time.


Build a solid foundation in computer networking concepts, and start preparing for the CompTIA IT Fundamentals certification. Learn the basics of computing, IT infrastructure, software development, and database use. In addition, learn the basic of installing software, establishing basic network connectivity, and identifying/preventing basic security risks. The information you learn in this training serves as the foothold for your career in information technology. This course is a prerequisite for the Network + course.


Computer Basics, File Management Skills, or a solid understanding of computer hardware and operating systems.


  • Utilize the building blocks of modern networks to build a functional and secure network.
  • Be able to identify and prevent  basic security risks.