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Physical Therapist Assistant Degree

Associate of Applied Science
Physical Therapist Assistant AAS Degree

Students who plan to major in physical therapist assistant will be assigned the temporary major of pre-physical therapist assistant, with POS code 580, until they are officially admitted to the physical therapist assistant program. Students may take preparatory courses and courses that fulfill general education requirements during the waiting period. As an alternative to being assigned a temporary major, students waiting for admission to the physical therapist assistant program may choose to major in general studies or any other open-admission program.

The Office of Records and Admissions at Takoma Park/Silver Spring will assign a matriculated code once students are admitted to the physical therapist assistant program. The program provides a foundation for graduates to become highly skilled in providing patient services using physical therapy techniques under the supervision and direction of a licensed physical therapist in clinics, hospitals, and many other health care settings. This is a selective program with specific admissions requirements. For additional information, contact the Office of Records and Admissions at the Takoma Park/Silver Spring Campus, 240-567-1501, or the program department.

Thirty to forty hours of volunteer experience in a physical therapy setting and completion of BIOL 212 - Human Anatomy and Physiology I are recommended before entering the program. It is advised that students not hold full-time jobs during enrollment in the program because physical therapist assistant students are required to attend full-time clinical practicum experiences and professional activities.

Each physical therapy course adds to material offered in previous courses. Students in this curriculum are expected to achieve a grade of C or better in each course in the curriculum. Upon completion of the curriculum, the graduate will receive the AAS and will be eligible to take the National Licensing Exam for Physical Therapist Assistants.

Program Outcomes

Upon completion of this program a student will be able to:

  • Demonstrate the entry-level knowledge, clinical skills, and professional abilities of a physical therapist assistant.
  • Deliver competent patient care under the direction and supervision of a licensed physical therapist, in an ethical, legal, safe, and effective manner in a variety of health care settings.
  • Manage an effective transition from the educational program to a career as a licensed physical therapist assistant.

Program Advising

Academic advising helps students reach their educational and career goals. Meet with your academic advisor regularly to discuss your academic plans and make sure you are on track to graduate and/or transfer. 

Transfer Opportunities

MC has a long history of successfully preparing students for transfer to four-year institutions. See all transfer agreements.


In additional to law firms, the federal government, local governments, corporations, banks, insurance companies, title companies, and many other organizations seek to hire talented, formally-trained paralegals and legal assistants. 



General Education Requirements

Distribution and Foundation Courses, and General Education Electives

  • All students should review the advising guide and consult an advisor.
  • Find out about related programs and course in the Fields of Study section.
  • Most courses have either assessment levels that must be met or prerequisites (courses that must be taken first). Part-time students and those who need to meet assessment levels or take prerequisite courses will take longer to complete a degree. An advisor will help make sure you are taking your courses in the right order.
  • All degree-seeking students must take a central group of General Education courses in English, mathematics, arts, behavioral and social sciences, humanities, and science. These courses are included in the suggested course sequence below.

Distribution Courses

  • English Foundation 3 semester hours * (ENGF)
  • Mathematics Foundation 3 semester hours (MATF) 

General Education Elective