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Tuition Refunds

Refund Policy for Credit Courses

Refund Deadlines  

Electronic Refunds
The fastest way for you to get your refund is to sign up for Electronic Refund using MyMC. If you do not sign up for eRefund, your refund will be mailed to you by the postal service and may take two weeks or more to arrive. We encourage all students to sign up for eRefund. Get more information about eRefunds.

To obtain a refund, a course must be officially dropped by the refund deadline. The refund deadline for each course is listed on the student schedule/bill and in My MC; refund deadlines vary by course. It is the student's responsibility to officially drop a course if they no longer wish to attend. Non-attendance or failure to pay does not constitute an official withdrawal. 

To view your specific refund deadlines:

  • Log into your MyMC account.
  • Under "Registration Quick Links," click on "View My Class Schedule."
  • Select the term you wish to view.
  • Click on "View Drop Deadline Dates" at the bottom of the page.

Note: If you are on financial aid, contact the Financial Aid office to find out what impact the drop will have on your financial aid. If you are a student with an I-20, contact your International Student Coordinator to find out what impact the drop will have on your student visa status.

Courses Canceled by the College

Students will receive 100% refund of tuition and fees for courses canceled by Montgomery College.

Courses Dropped by Student On or Before the Refund Deadline

Students will receive 100% refund of tuition and fees if they drop a course on or before the refund deadline listed on the student schedule/bill or in MyMC.

Involuntary Withdrawals

An involuntary withdrawal may be requested whenever there are circumstances beyond the student’s control which make it impossible to complete the course(s) in progress during a given semester.  All involuntary withdrawals must include a completed Involuntary Withdrawal Form (PDF, Get Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader - Link opens in new window) , supporting documentation based on the reason for filing an involuntary withdrawal as specified below, and a personal statement. Only complete packets will be accepted by the Office of Records and Registration. Detailed instructions on the process and required documentation can be found on the Involuntary Withdrawal Form. 

A withdrawal is considered involuntary if it results from one of the following situations:

  1. Called to active military duty via enlistment, activation, or deployment.  Provide a copy of the military orders that indicates an effective date and is signed by the commanding officer. You must also receive approval from a Military Enrollment Services Specialist at Montgomery College, if applicable.
  2. Illness of the student or in the immediate family of the student. Immediate family includes a child, parent, spouse, or other regular member of the individual’s household.  Certification must be provided by the student’s or family member’s physician stating that the student’s or family member’s illness requires the student’s withdrawal. Physician’s note must be on professional stationary, specify dates of treatment, and clearly indicate that illness made it impossible for the student to continue classes. 
  1. Death of the student or in the immediate family of the student.  Provide a death certificate, notice, newspaper article, or funeral program. Also indicate the relationship to the student.

  2. Involuntary transfer/change in work hours by the student’s employer which prevents continued attendance. Military branches of service are considered employers under this section. A letter from the supervisor should be provided and appear on company letterhead, indicate effective date of change in work schedule, and outline the new work schedule.

  3. Crisis situation to include natural disasters, national crises, acts of war, government-mandated restrictions, or other incidents where there is a deemed credible risk to student’s health and well-being. Involuntary withdrawals for this reason will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. If you have documentation that you feel would help support your appeal, you can include it with your paperwork.

 If the involuntary withdrawal is approved, the student may receive a pro-rated refund of tuition depending upon the specific student’s circumstances. Fees are non-refundable. If the student is eligible for a refund, the process may take a minimum of six weeks to complete. 

Get Your Refund Faster with Electronic Refund

Montgomery College's preferred method of issuing refunds is through electronic refund. Sign up by logging into MyMC. Click on Pay My Bill, then click on eRefund in the top menu. Click the Set Up Account button and follow the instructions. See the Electronic Refund Instructions (PDF, Get Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader - Link opens in new window)   for more information. 

Very Important Information:

  • Credit Card Payments:  If your most recent payment prior to a refund was by credit card, credit card practices require that the refund be returned to the credit card even if the student has an existing eRefund account. 
  • eRefunds are not immediate. The set up and verification process for your eRefund account can take up to 14 working days. Your eRefund account must be verified to receive an eRefund.
  • Please be patient: Do not make changes to the eRefund information you have submitted unless you know you made an error in entering your banking information. Every time you re-enter information, the verification clock starts again.
  • If your eRefund account has not been verified by the time refunds are processed, your refund will be sent as a check, by U.S. Mail to your student address of record. Please always ensure that your address is up to date.

Banking Information:

  • The eRefund account must be a valid personal checking account. Your account must have a valid routing number and bank account number.
  • Your account must not have been restricted due to insufficient fund charges.
  • We will direct deposit into the eRefund account set up by the student.

Questions? Please visit/contact a cashier or email the Accounts Receivable Office at