Payment Options for Credit Courses

Fall 2020 Payments

Thank you for your payment to Montgomery College.

We appreciate payment of student balances online through MyMC whenever possible, including partial payments of your balance. To make a partial payment toward your balance, please follow these steps: How to Make a Partial Payment through MyMC (PDF, Get Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader.-Link opens in new window.) . We also offer interest-free Tuition Installment Plans to spread out your payments over time. 

The college is open to receive payments via mail if paying by check. However, we are currently unable to accept payments in person at our cashiers offices. If you are paying by check, please mail payments to:

Montgomery College
Cashiers Office
51 Mannakee Street
Rockville, MD 20850

Please scroll down to find more payment information and options on this page. 

If you have payment inquiries, please email accounts receivable at

Full payments for tuition and fees are due when you register for classes, or partial payments can be made through the Tuition Installment Plans. Please log into MyMC to view your charges per term. Montgomery College does not mail paper invoices for the current term’s charges while a term is in session. Montgomery College will periodically send an e-bill. (For noncredit WDCE courses, see WDCE registration and payment processes.)  

E-bill is the official billing method of Montgomery College. It is a convenient and reliable alternative to paper bills. E-bills provide faster and easier service to our students and their parents or guardians. Montgomery College sends an e-mail notification to the student’s official College e-mail account when an e-bill is available for viewing. Students have the ability to give access to authorized users to view their e-bills and/or make an online payment. You can add authorized users in the Pay My Bill area of MyMC. If you are having issues accessing your MyMC account or your Montgomery College e-mail account, please contact the IT Service Desk at 240-567-7222.

Payments in Full

Full payments can be made through the following methods:

 Full payments can be made through the following methods:

Online through MyMC

Online services are available through MyMC, our secure payment portal. We accept the following forms of online payments:  

  • Debit and Credit Card - We accept major debit and credit card brands including Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.
  • ATM Debit Card - The following networks are supported: Accel, NYCE, Pulse, and Star. Debit cards issued by Bank of America, Chase, US Bank, and Wells Fargo cannot be processed as a debit card online.
In Person 

We are currently unable to accept payments in person at our cashiers offices. Please see the other payment options on this page. 

Rockville Campus
Student Services Building
51 Mannakee Street
Rockville, MD 20850
Takoma Park/Silver Spring Campus
Student Services Center
7600 Takoma Avenue
Takoma Park, MD 20912
Germantown Campus
Sciences and Applied Studies Building
20200 Observation Drive
Germantown, MD 20876
By Mail

Checks and money orders may be mailed to:
Montgomery College Cashier’s Office
51 Mannakee Street
Rockville, MD 20850


  • Checks and money orders must be made payable to MONTGOMERY COLLEGE. When you provide a check as payment, you authorize us either to use information from your check to make a one-time electronic fund transfer from your account or to process the payment as a check transaction.  
  • Include your student M number and a phone number on the check or money order.
  • Montgomery College does not accept counter checks, two-party checks, or starter checks.
Flywire (International Wires)

Montgomery College has partnered with Flywire to streamline the tuition payment process for our international students. With Flywire, international students receive the following benefits:

  • Excellent foreign exchange rates, generally allowing payments to be made in a student’s home currency
  • Payment tracking through the transfer process via a student dashboard
  • Email confirmation when payment is received by the college
  • Fast and secure payments
  • Assurance that the exact payment amount sent is the same amount received by the college (no hidden bank fees)

Go to Flywire to begin the payment process, to learn more about Flywire, or to find international support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via Skype, email, or by phone at 1-800-346-9252.

A Montgomery College ID (M number) is required when using Flywire and the College will only accept payments up to your current balance due. 


Tuition Installment Plans

Make automatic payments towards your balance and spread out your payments over time. 

By enrolling in the interest-free MC Tuition Installment Plan (TIP), you can use a debit/credit account to make automatic payments and spread your payments over time. MC TIP allows students to pay charges in several payments. Each term is independent and must be enrolled in separately. Enroll in a TIP by the payment deadline. The TIP due dates are fixed and cannot be changed. NOTE: MC TIP is not available for the Winter Session.  

  • For summer terms, the non-refundable enrollment fee is $20.00 per term. There will be 2 payments per summer plan. This includes a down payment due at the time of enrollment in the MC TIP and one other payment several weeks into the term.
  • For fall and spring terms, the non-refundable enrollment fee is $35.00 per term. There will be 3 or 4 payments for full term plans. This includes a down payment due at the time of enrollment in the MC TIP and follow-up payments later in the term.

To view and enroll in the MC TIP to pay for credit courses only, log into MyMC and click on Pay My Bill. 

If you are enrolled in both credit and WDCE courses, do not enroll in a TIP online. You must go to the Cashier’s Office to enroll in a payment plan. If you are enrolled in noncredit (WDCE) courses only, visit the Workforce Development & Continuing Education (WDCE) TIP page for more information in enrolling in a payment plan. 


Other Payment Types

Third-Party Sponsor (employer, military, and other agencies)

Third-Party Sponsor (employer, military, and other agencies)

If you have an employer or other agency assisting you with your tuition and fee charges and they require an invoice to send payment, you will need to provide Montgomery College with authorization from your sponsor. The authorization must include the following information:

  • Your name and student identification number (M number)
  • The name and billing address of the organization sponsoring you
  • A contact name and phone number from the organization
  • A specific statement that authorizes Montgomery College to bill the organization
  • The total dollar amount to be billed to the organization
  • Billing requirements from the organization
  • Official signature (electronic signatures accepted) from organization

Sponsor authorizations that do not include all of the required information will be returned to the sponsor and your organization will not be billed.

Sponsor authorizations may be submitted either by email to
or by fax to 240-567-0536 (Accounts Receivable Office fax). Email is our preferred method of sponsor authorization submission.

Please note:

  • If your sponsor authorization is based on course completion or attainment of a certain grade before payment is made, you need to pay for your classes and wait to be reimbursed by your employer.
  • Montgomery College does not defer tuition while you wait to be paid by your employer.
  • Montgomery College requires you to submit new documents for each term you attend. You cannot submit one document for an academic year or multiple terms.
  • If your sponsor is not paying 100% of your tuition charges you will be required to pay your portion of the charges to the Cashier at the time your form is submitted. Also, it is your responsibility to supply your sponsor with grades or certificates of completion. This is not done by the College , even if the documentation from your sponsor authorizes the release of such items.
  • If your sponsor has indicated that they will pay for book charges, keep a copy of the documentation and submit it to the Follett Bookstore when you purchase your books.
  • Once your documentation has been received, an indicator will be placed on your account that will hold your classes until the charges are billed. If you decide not to attend a specific class or classes once you have submitted paperwork, then you must drop the class by the specified refund date in order to not be financially responsible for the charges.
  • Sponsors are billed after the fourth week of classes during the fall and spring term. During the summer terms, sponsors are billed after the second week of classes. In the case of noncredit (WDCE) classes, sponsors are billed after the refund date for the particular class has expired.


Accounts in Collection

Students whose accounts have been sent to the State of Maryland Central Collections Unit (CCU) can contact the CCU at (800) 705-3493 for assistance.

Students whose accounts have been sent to the State of Maryland Central Collections Unit (CCU) can contact the CCU at 1-800-705-3493 for assistance. Payments for accounts in collection must be paid to the CCU directly. Some of the accepted payment methods are listed below:


Phone: (24 hours a day) 1-866-272-1548

Mail: (Do not send cash)
Central Collection Unit
P.O. Box 17277
Baltimore, MD 21297-0386

In Person:
CCU Headquarters Office
300 W. Preston Street
Baltimore, MD 21201

It can take up to 4 to 6 weeks to have your payment posted on your Montgomery College student account.


Financial Aid and Scholarships

Students receiving Financial Aid may deduct expected aid from their tuition and fee charges.

  • Students receiving Financial Aid may deduct expected aid from their tuition and fee charges.
  • If any amount is due, pay by the payment deadline.
  • Be sure to log in to MyMC and visit Financial Aid to review your expected financial aid, including any Montgomery College scholarships. In MyMC, go toView Account Balance to review your total charges. These tools should help you calculate any balance you may owe to Montgomery College after any expected financial aid is awarded on your account.
  • If we have your FAFSA on file and you have submitted all required documents, you will be able to submit the Class Reservation form in MyMC to protect your course registrations from being dropped for nonpayment.
  • If for any reason the student does not receive the expected financial aid, the student is responsible for all charges on their student account.
  • To learn more about available scholarships, please visit the Montgomery College Grants and Scholarships webpage.


Please contact us at 240-567-5000 or for assistance.