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How to Apply for Financial Aid

Montgomery College strives to make the financial aid application process as easy as possible. Here are the steps you need to follow to apply for financial aid. 

Financial Aid Application

Complete your financial aid application by the priority deadline of March 1* for the fall semester and November 1 for the spring semester to ensure your financial aid award is approved, accepted, and applied to your account before classes start. You may still apply for financial aid after the priority deadlines; learn more about late applications.  

*March 1 priority deadline extended to May 15, 2024.

Steps to Apply for Financial Aid 

  1. File the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).
  2. File the MSFAAnew window (Maryland State Financial Aid Application), if Dream Act eligible.
  3. Log in to MyMC and complete all requested financial aid forms when notified.  
  4. Check your MC email. Messages regarding next steps, financial aid awards, and eligibility will be emailed to you. 
  5. Register for classes in your declared program of study. You must attend and pass your courses to remain eligible for financial aid. 

Watch the video below for answers to frequently asked questions. 


Reviewing and Accepting Your Financial Aid Offer 

You can check the status of your financial aid application in MyMC by clicking on the Financial Aid tab. After your file is complete at MC, the financial aid counselor or financial aid specialist reviews and approves it. The award decision is posted to your MyMC online account. Files are reviewed and awarded based on the date they are received and completed. 

Important Points
  • Financial aid awards are calculated for full-time study for fall and spring. The amount of your financial aid award in dollars represents a full year of assistance for full-time attendance.
  • Your financial aid award letter, the Award Conditions, and the Satisfactory Academic Progress policy new windowof the College indicate the types and amounts of aid you are awarded and the requirements you must meet to keep the awards.
  • Grants are accepted automatically.
  • Scholarships, loans, and student employment may have additional requirements. Check with the Financial Aid Office for specific program details.
  • You should decline the aid in writing if you do not plan to attend MC.
  • You must attend classes to earn your financial aid. Your aid may be adjusted or cancelled if you do not meet the conditions of enrollment or if you completely withdraw from school.
  • Students who receive financial aid in excess of their charged tuition and fees may use their excess funds to pay for required books and supplies at MC Campus Stores. It is not extra financial aid. We try to make some of your expected refund available as a credit to pay for your books at the college stores.

Priority Deadlines and Late Applications

Be sure to complete your financial aid application by the priority deadline. Late financial aid applicants may need to pay tuition and fees if their financial aid award is not finalized by the start of the semester. If you become eligible for aid later in the semester, you may be reimbursed to the extent your aid covers your bill.

Common Issues

  • You are not required to have your semester classes selected to apply for aid, but you must have filed the Admissions and Registration Application and have been accepted to the College in order for the financial aid office to identify your student status.
  • If you do not provide a Social Security Number (SSN) to Admissions, your federal financial aid file will be inactive.
  • When you register for classes, you must register for credit (not audit or noncredit offerings) to be considered for federal and most other aid programs.
  • The financial aid award is based on full-time enrollment (minimum registration of 12 credit hours per semester). If you do not enroll full-time, your financial aid may be reduced or cancelled. In some cases, awards can be prorated for less than full-time attendance. Most aid programs require at least half-time enrollment (6 credit hours). 
  • You must enroll in a degree or certificate program that is eligible for financial aid. Certificate programs requiring less than 16 credit hours are not eligible for federal financial aid.
  • Federal financial aid only pays for courses that are in your declared program of study. 

The amount of financial aid you are eligible to receive may be reduced or cancelled if:

  • You have errors on your FAFSA
  • You do not have the minimum enrollment for eligibility for some aid programs
  • You withdraw
  • You fail your classes


If you have questions or need help at any step along the way, contact the Financial Aid Office