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Financial Aid Outreach Services

The Office of Student Financial Aid provides information about the financial aid process by hosting a variety of outreach programs. Through our outreach efforts, we help students and families become familiar with different resources available to help pay for a college education. We are committed to raising financial aid awareness in our community by partnering with Montgomery College faculty and staff, K-12 schools, and public service programs. 

Financial Aid Workshops

Financial aid workshops provide an overview of the financial aid application process, including information about federal, state, institutional, and private financial aid programs. Workshops also provide information on financial aid applications, deadlines, and online resources for students and parents.


FAFSA Fever is a free event held once a year to help current and potential college students and their families complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)—the required form to apply for financial assistance for higher education. Applying for financial aid can be confusing; at FAFSA Fever you can talk to financial aid administrators about your financial aid questions and get a line-by-line explanation of the FAFSA.


FAFSA Days free remote sessions  are available every Monday from 1 - 4 pm & Tuesday from 4 - 7 pm starting the week of October 12th through November and then again in February 2021. Please sign up to get assistance completing the FAFSA.

Financial Aid Night

Financial Aid Night: Thursday September 23rd, 2021. Are your first two years of college really free in Maryland? This webinar will not only introduce the concepts of financial aid and scholarships to your students and their parents, but we will also explore key deadline dates, MD State grants, and Institutional scholarships. We will give a general overview of options for paying for college.  There will also be a live question and answer period afterward.

Financial Aid Awareness Week

Financial Aid Awareness Week is a designated week in February to assist prospective and current Montgomery College students with completing or renewing the FAFSA. Each Montgomery College campus provides FAFSA on-the-Web assistance and disseminates information about the financial aid process, deadlines, and required financial aid forms.

Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy Sessions are a requirement for first-time loan borrowers at Montgomery College. During these presentations, Montgomery College students learn about the rights and responsibilities of a student loan borrower, navigation of the loan process, tips on managing finances, and understanding credit reports and scores.

First Year Seminars and Student Development Courses

The Office of Student Financial Aid provides guest speakers for Montgomery College first year seminars and student development courses. These courses present learning skills in money management and financial literacy to promote financial independence. Speakers discuss the financial aid process and provide information on grants, scholarships, student loans, and work study.

Other Special Events

The Office of Student Financial Aid hosts and participates in various events throughout the year as part of our financial aid outreach initiative. Events include local high school visits and Financial Aid Nights, workshops for nonprofit agencies and faith-based organizations, college fair participation, and other local events. We can cater our workshops to both traditional and nontraditional students and their families.