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Financial Aid FAQs and Deadlines


When completing your financial aid application if you submitted a class reservation form, Financial Aid will hold your classes pending a final determination of your financial aid eligibility. If you have already registered or when you register your classes will not be deleted for nonpayment. If you do not wish to attend Montgomery College, you must officially withdraw from classes in person or on the web. If you do not withdraw from classes, you will owe a bill for tuition and fees.

Your estimated financial aid may not be large enough to cover all of your tuition, fees, and books. You will be responsible for paying whatever charges the award does not cover. If our final determination is that you are not eligible for some or all aid, you will be responsible for all of the charges that were not covered.

You must attend your classes to remain eligible for any financial aid award. Do not wait to receive the final decision on your award to attend classes. If you have officially registered, you must attend your classes.

Students who receive financial aid in excess of their charged tuition and fees who have given approval through the Cash Management Form may use their funds to pay for required books and supplies at any MC Campus Store. Book credits are processed automatically for eligible students in August for fall semester, in January for spring semester, and in May for the summer session. Check My MC prior to the beginning of the semester to see if you qualify. Book credit eligibility and use of book credits at MC Campus Store ends approximately two weeks into the semester.

The college disburses financial aid awards on a semester basis. We credit all financial aid proceeds, including student loans, to your student account at the College. The awards pay for all outstanding tuition and fees for the semester awarded, and may pay for charges in the previous semester if it is within the same academic year. Students with awarded financial aid in excess of their charges for tuition and fees will have a book credit automatically processed for the campus bookstores. These can be viewed on-line at MyMC. The college will deduct the book charges from your financial aid.

If you have a credit balance after all outstanding obligations are met, the college will issue you a refund check. You may receive direct deposit of your financial aid refund to your bank account by signing up for "e-refund" on My MC. The college begins sending refunds of any balance remaining after all your charges are paid approximately four weeks after the semester begins, if your aid is awarded and credited to your bill. Awards from differing sources may credit to your account at different times. Also, your awards may be adjusted if your enrollment changes. Sometimes the amount of your financial aid is not enough to pay your entire semester bill at the College. If you have an amount of financial aid referenced on your semester bill that is enough to cover your fees, your classes will not be deleted for the semester at the time payment is due. You must still pay the balance of your bill. If you need additional financial aid to pay your bill, you may want to consider accepting a Federal Direct Loan, if you have not already done so. Students are responsible for all charges not covered by financial aid. If financial aid is referenced on your semester bill and you determine that you do not wish to attend MC for the semester, you must officially withdraw from any classes you have registered for prior to the refund date in order to not be liable for those charges.

Financial Aid Deadlines

Funds Disbursements (credit to student accounts):
  • First Fall Disbursement Date: 09/21/23.
    After Thursday 9/21/23, Fall disbursements are scheduled to run weekly on Thursdays through 12/07/23.
  • First Spring Disbursement Date: 02/15/24.
    After Thursday 02/15/24, Spring disbursements are scheduled to run weekly on Thursdays through 5/09/24.
SAP Appeal Deadline:
  • Fall 2023 Semester: 09/30/23
  • Spring 2024 Semester: 11/30/23
  • Summer 2024 Semester: 4/30/24
Loan Certification Deadline:

All required loan steps must be completed by the following deadlines:

  • Fall 2023: 12/01/2023
  • Spring 2024: 5/03/2024
  • Summer 2024: 8/02/2024