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Payment Deadlines

Full payments for tuition and fees (or payment arrangements) are due when you register for classes.

You must pay your bill (or make payment arrangements) by the payment deadline to avoid having your class registrations dropped: 

If you do not pay your bill in full, enroll in the interest-free Tuition Installment Plan, or submit the required documents to the financial aid office by the payment deadline, your class registration will be dropped. See all payment options

If you register for classes, you are responsible for all charges. Failure to pay, failure to officially drop by the refund deadline, or failure to attend will not relieve you of the responsibility of these charges. Non-attendance or failure to pay does not constitute an official withdrawal.

In order to avoid financial responsibility, you must officially drop your classes by the refund deadline, if you decide not to attend. DO NOT assume you will be automatically dropped. You may officially drop classes through your MyMC or at the Office of Records and Registration.

Outstanding Balances will prevent:

  • Future registration
    • Financial holds are applied to outstanding balances prior to the start of each new term.
    • Any unpaid balance of over $250 will prevent registration for the next semester
  • The release of your grades
  • Issuance of your certification or diploma

*Once you have paid your outstanding balance, financial holds are released within the hour.

What If Someone Else Is Paying My Tuition?

If any third party such as an individual, government agency, or business agrees to pay your tuition and fees, you are not relieved of your responsibility. In the event that such a third party fails to honor its agreement, Montgomery College reserves the right to directly bill you. If you are expecting financial aid and you are ineligible for aid, you are also responsible for your charges. See Payment Options for Credit Courses for more information. 

What Is the Deadline to Get a Refund? 

To view your specific refund deadlines: 

  1. Log in to MyMC
  2. Select the icon labeled "My Classes"
  3. Choose the icon labeled "Add or Drop Classes"
  4. Select the term you wish to search.
  5. Click on "View Drop Deadline Dates" at the bottom of the page.

See Tuition Refunds for more information.