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Nursing Refresher Clinical

Nursing Refresher students

Nursing Refresher Clinical, ▲NUR007 60 Hours

Experienced nurses supervise your 60 hours of clinical experience in medical-surgical nursing, which includes patient assignments, teamwork, completing documentation and care plans, and giving medication. Basic skills lab practice and emergency medicine review will be provided. ▲You must register for the classroom, lab and clinical in order to use the Tuition Installment Payment plan. There is a nonrefundable fee to participate in the payment plan.


Concurrent enrollment in Traditional Program - NUR057, NUR023, or Blended Online Program  – NUR069, NUR023 – evening.

Additional Requirement for Participating in Clinical

  • Requirements for Nursing Refresher and Nursing Assistant Clinical: This course has a long list of licensure, physical exam, and proof of immunity requirements students must meet in order to participate in the Nursing Refresher Clinical Program.
  • Please note: Vaccine series must be started prior to clinical start date. All laboratory titers must have date blood was drawn as well as test results.
  •  Visit Nurse Refresher and Nursing Assistant Clinical Prerequisites for the complete listing of the requirements that must be met in order to participate in this course.