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Nursing Related Preparation Programs

A group of Nursing Related Students
Nursing Related Preparation Programs

Do you need to prepare for your certification test?

Many of the nursing programs have exams or skills tests that require you to pass an exam.

See below for a listing of some of the preparation programs and course descriptions.

Preparation Programs

Here is a listing of some of the preparation programs: 

Generic Nursing Assistant (GNA) Exam/Skills Preparation, ▲AHT240

This course is designed for CNAs or student nurses who want skills and test-taking strategies review to prepare to successfully pass the Geriatric Nurse Assistant (GNA) skills and written examination. Learn more about the GNA Exam/Skills Prep course

RN Case Manager/Delegating Nurse Training for Assisted Living, ▲NUR014, 16 Hours

This 16-hour course, approved by the Maryland Board of Nursing, provides a foundation for nursing practice of the registered nurse who delegates nursing functions in the assisted living setting, including medication administration, and who teaches medication administration to the medication technician in assisted living. Topics to be covered include history of assisted living programs; regulation governing CM/DN practice; overview of CM/DN role and responsibilities teaching medication administration to the medication technician; case management principles; delegation of nursing practice; communication; adult learning principles; and legal, ethical, and business issues.

Train the Trainer: Preparing CNAs for Success, ▲NUR065, 24 Hours

This course is designed to meet the Maryland Board of Nursing faculty requirements for teaching in CNA programs. This program for RNs combines classroom learning, instructional technology, and a learning lab where you will demonstrate competency in applying knowledge of the principles of adult learning and methods of instruction. This class is for students who have at least two years’ experience, at least 1 year of which was in caring for the elderly or chronically ill in the past 5 years and a desire to instruct in an approved CNA program.

Transition to Acute Care Training for Professional Healthcare Workers, ▲NUR075, 100hrs

This course is designed for RNs, Pharmacology Techs, Radiology Techs, Surgical Techs, and Ultrasound Techs to ease into the transition roles of working in sub-acute and long term, acute care hospital, urgent care and surgical centers. Professional topics will include scope of practice, professional practice, organization and prioritization, delegation, risk management, and inter-professional collaboration; Transition topics will include shift assessment, ISBAR reporting, and reflective thinking to improve clinical practice; Simulation and Task Training will include medication safety, IV insertion/use of intravenous infusion pump, central venous catheter blood draws/flushes/dressing changes and patient assessment. After successful completion of this course, you will receive an achievement award from Montgomery College and be eligible to apply for the Transition to Professional Acute Healthcare Practice certification through the American Nurses Association.