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General Studies Fully Online Degree

Earn an Associate's Degree Completely Online
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An online degree is a degree that can be completed completely online. Montgomery College is committed to offering sections of courses needed to complete certain associate’s degrees through fully online course offerings.

General studies students can complete either the Humanities, Arts, Communications and Languages (HACL) General Studies degree (611A) or the Social Sciences, Administration and Health (SSAH) General Studies Degree (611B) as an online degree.

Online or DL WEB Courses

An online or DL WEB (distance learning via the web) course is a section of a course where students do not meet on campus. Students need regular access to a computer, internet, and possibly a video camera. The course description in the class schedule typically includes these details, but you may also reach out to the professor to know what materials you will need for the course. 

What Is the difference between a DL WEB course and a blended or hybrid course?

A DL WEB course is offered completely online. Students and the professor may meet virtually during a scheduled time each week to review, practice and/or discuss the assignments students were expected to prepare before the virtual class meeting. It is also possible that an online course does not require regular virtual meetings. Students are expected to engage in regular online assignments provided by your professor in your Blackboard course site.

A blended or hybrid course requires students to complete over half of the course work online and includes one face-to-face meeting a week or at various times during the semester on campus.

It is important to review the course description in the class schedule to know if it is a DL Web class and/or a blended/hybrid class and what the general requirements are for the course.

What online courses are currently available?

The following courses all have online sections available. When looking at the class schedule, please read the section notes to identify specific DL WEB sections offered during a fall or spring semester or during winter or summer sessions.

Listing of online and blended courses that are currently available 

Program Requirements
English Foundation Requirements
Math Foundation Requirements
Art Requirements (ARTD) - One Course
Humanities Requirements (HUMD - One Course
Behavioral Social Sciences Requirements (BSSD) - Two Courses from Two Different Disciplines 
Natural Sciences Requirements (NSLD and NSND) - Two NSLD OR ONE NSLD and One NSND
General Education Institutional Requirements (GEIR) - Two Courses

  • Any HUMD or ARTD
  • Any DL WEB COMM course
  • ARTT 112
  • ENGL 110
  • ENGL 258
  • ENGL 259
  • ENGL 264
  • ENGL 272
  • HIST 257
  • Any BSSD listed above
  • BSAD 101
  • BSAD 210
  • CCJS 201
  • CCJS 215
  • CCJS 221
  • CCJS 246
  • POLI 203
  • POLI 211
  • PSYC 203
  • PSYC 204
  • PSYC 206
  • PSYC 211
  • PSYC 213
  • PSYC 215
  • PSYC 216
  • PSYC 221
  • PSYC 224
  • PSYC 227

  • Up to 11 Credits of electives, any courses listed as DLWEB in course schedule


  • At least 15 credits at the 200 level are required to graduate, and transfer requirements vary from school to school.
  • Please review the Montgomery College Catalog for degree requirements and check with your transfer institution.

Want to find an online/DL WEB course section in the schedule? Other questions about completing an online associate’s degree? See Distance Learning for more information.