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Anthropology Option

General Studies Associates of Arts Degree
Anthropology Option, General Studies AA Degree

Review the academic map for recommended course selections and sequencing for an Anthropology focus (PDF, Get Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader.-Link opens in new window.) .

Anthropology is the study of humans, past and present in all their biological and cultural diversity as well as in their interconnectedness. Courses in anthropology cover topics on culture and society, language, human biology and archaeology. Anthropology courses at MC provide hands-on learning while challenging students to think about and develop an appreciation of human behavior and thinking from multiple perspectives to address race, ethnicity, social systems, gender, family, economics, politics, religion, sustainability, immigration, globalization and more. 

Program Advising

Academic advising helps students reach their educational and career goals. Meet with your academic advisor regularly to discuss your academic plans and make sure you are on track to graduate and/or transfer. The program advising guide outlines the degree requirements and is meant to supplement the advising process. 

Transfer Opportunities

Through the Anthropology Option in the General Studies program, students will develop the skills and knowledge to pursue anthropology at a four-year institution. Numerous local institutions offer a BA or BS in Anthropology.  See all our General Studies articulations.

Career Options

An anthropology major can lead to a variety of careers in Education/Outreach, Administration/Management, Archaeology-Cultural Resource Management (CRM), Historic Preservation, Health (international/public health), Museum/Curation/Project Design, Environment and Natural Resources, Community Development, Business, Advocacy (human rights/social justice), Tourism/Heritage, Human/Social Services, Healthcare Management, Computers/Software Development/Information Technology, Management, Organizational Development and Training, Design (products and/or services), Social Impact Assessment, International Development/Affairs, Market Research, Forensics, Law/Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement, Mass Communication, and Humanitarian Efforts.

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