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Graphic Design AFA Degree

Associate of Fine Arts
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Our graphic design associate of fine arts degree offers affordable tuition, small class sizes, and faculty mentorship from leaders in the field.

The Graphic Design Associate of Fine Arts degree (AFA), the more transferable of our graphic design degrees, is a studio intensive program that prepares students for transfer to a four-year BFA program. Two-thirds of the total credit hours are in studio art and graphic design courses, and one-third are in general education courses. 
The curriculum includes studio art foundations courses as well as specialized study in graphic design and typography. Courses focus on the fundamentals of visual arts and design, and parallel the course work in the first two-years of a BFA degree at a four-year institution. In your second year of the degree, you will focus studies on graphic design classes and prepare for transfer to premier art colleges.
The Graphic Design AFA is a designated statewide program. The Maryland Higher Education Commission designates some community college programs as statewide programs. A student may enroll in any of these programs at the same rates as in-county residents if the program is not offered by their local community college or if the student cannot enroll due to an enrollment limit. For more information on statewide programs, please see Curricula Informationnew window.

Enroll at MC and set your sights on a successful career in the visual arts.

Program Outcomes