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Margaret Latimer
Margaret Latimer, Vice President/Provost of the Collegewide STEM Unit and the Germantown Campus

As Vice President and Provost of the Collegewide STEM Unit and the Germantown Campus at Montgomery College, I am delighted to welcome you to the STEM Unit. Our unit offers degrees and certificates in physics, chemistry and biochemistry, computer science, cybersecurity, information systems, engineering, mathematics, life science, environmental science and policy, biology, and biotechnology.

STEM programs lead to some of the most interesting, in-demand, and well-paying jobs and careers in the county and in the world. Students who complete STEM programs enter the workforce upon completion or transfer to four-year colleges or universities to complete the last two years of their undergraduate degree.

Montgomery College has transfer agreements with many four-year schools to ensure that the coursework you have completed counts toward your bachelor's degree and prepares you to continue your studies.

Not all STEM jobs require a four-year degree, however. With Montgomery College's certificate programs, such as those in biotechnology and cybersecurity, you can obtain certification to pursue in-demand jobs in Montgomery County and the surrounding area.

Program Areas

Chemical and Biological Sciences
Chemical and Biological Sciences
Find programs, courses, and academic departments for chemistry, biology, and biotechnology. 
Science, Engineering, and Technology
Find programs, courses, and academic departments for physical sciences, engineering, computer science, cybersecurity and networking. 
Mathematics and Statistics
Mathematics and Statistics
Find programs, courses, and academic departments for math, statistics, and data science.  

Initiatives, Grants, and Special Programs

  • STEM Scholarships: There are a variety of scholarships and grants available for STEM majors. 
  • STEM Internships: Students may apply for an internship or a research experiences for undergraduates (REU) to gain valuable experience in their field of study.
  • STEM Learning Assistant Program: Learning assistants are students who are paid to work with a faculty mentor assisting in a STEM classroom or laboratory. 
  • Spectrum Lecture Series: A science-oriented lecture series aimed at a non-scientific audience.
  • GT STEP STEM: The Graduate and Transfer Science, Technology, Engineering & Math Talent Expansion Program (GT STEP) is designed to assist STEM majors in acquiring their associate degrees and/or facilitating their transfer to a four-year institution. 
  • K-12 STEM: Many young students begin to develop interest in STEM before they start college. There are many activities and programs that are available to young students with an interest in STEM.
  • Teaching to Increase Diversity and Equity in STEM (TIDES): The overall goal of this three-year initiative is to increase the learning outcomes and retention of students historically underrepresented in the computer/information sciences and related STEM disciplines. For more information about TIDES at MC, email  
  • STEM Transfer Student Success Initiative: This program supports STEM students in making a successful transition to the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. 
  • BIOTrain: This partnership, led by Montgomery College, brings together biotechnology companies, government entities, and nonprofits to shape a technical workforce that is ready for today and tomorrow. 

 Who We Are

Academic Unit Leadership Team and Office Staff
Vice President & Provost

Office Staff


Deans and Department Chairs
  • Mathematics and Statistics, John Hamman, Collegewide Dean
    • Darren Smith, Chair, Germantown Mathematics Department
    • Ben Nicholson, Chair, Rockville Mathematics Department
    • Milton Nash, Chair, Takoma Park/Silver Spring Mathematics Department
  • Science, Engineering, and Technology, Muhammad Kehnemouyi, Collegewide Dean
    • David Hall, Chair, Physical Sciences, Engineering, Computer Science, Cybersecurity, and Networking Department, Germantown and Takoma Park/Silver Spring 
    • Nawal Benmouna, Chair, Rockville Engineering, Physical and Computer Science Department
  • Chemical and Biological Sciences, Jim Sniezek, Collegewide Dean
    • Scot Magnotta, Chair, Germantown Biology, Biotechnology, and Chemistry Department
    • Rashid Alam, Chair, Rockville Biology Department
    • Laura Anna, Chair, Rockville Chemistry Department
    • Nelson Bennett, Chair, Takoma Park/Silver Spring Biology/Chemistry Department
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