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Germantown Office of Student Life

Engage in positive, fulfilling, and rewarding educational experiences that extend learning beyond the classroom.
Students on the Germantown Campus with Dr. Cain

Get involved in campus life outside the classroom. By participating in a club, joining the Student Senate, planning events, or participating in service-learning, you'll learn valuable life skills that can be added to a resume or an application for a four-year school. The Office of Student Life is now posting virtual events for new and returning students. Learn more about their upcoming events.

Upcoming Events

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Clubs, Organizations, and Activities

The Germantown Student Life Team

Surayya Johnson, Director of Germantown Student Life, 240-567-7840, SA 113C
Shawn Sanders: PT/Faculty-Leadership Coordinator, 240-567-2415, SA 113
Hannah Stocks, PT/Faculty-Service Learning Coordinator, 240-567-2404, SA 113
Mitchell Tropin, PT/Faculty-The Globe Advisor, 240-567-5242
Maria Clark, Student Life Specialist, 240-567-7842, SA 113F1
Kayla Yost, Student Life Events Coordinator, 240-567-2431, SA 113C
Christine Moya Crawford, Administrative Aide II, 240-567-7840, SA 113

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