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Student Senate and Activities Board

Rockville Campus

Student Senate

The Rockville Student Senate is the official representative body for all students on our campus. The Senate provides the opportunity for students to address their concerns and take steps towards improving the campus.

All students are welcome to attend meetings on Mondays from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. in the Office of Student Life.

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2022-2023 Current Student Senators 

Rockville Senate Roster for Fall 2022:

Executive Officers

  • President — Christiane Bonkoungou
  • Treasurer — Richa D'Mello
  • Secretary — Fikir Negesse Mantegaftot

Senators at Large:
Ayesha Adnan
Elias Garayo Dick
Lamyea Diyea
Julian Garcia
Karen Khalil Gawargi
Sara Hijazi
Mary Ibanez
Christopher Lloyd
Lauren Martin
Zachary Mindheim
Tyler Osong
Catherine Rodriguez
Abdullah Shamson
Bouchira Yaya
Hollis Zimmerman

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The Student Senate is the student government organization at the Rockville Campus. It represents the entire student body on many levels from organizing events to voicing student concerns to the college administration and state legislation. 

The Senate’s primary responsibilities include addressing common student issues and above all enhancing student life during your academic career at Montgomery College.

You have the opportunity to shape your student government. As a student on the Rockville Campus, it is your responsibility to make sure your suggestions, comments, feedback and concerns are heard and clearly communicated. The Student Senate offers you the opportunity to do so and your participation will make a difference towards making your voice heard. 

You can visit the Student Senate Office in Campus Center, Office of Student Life, room 008, or call 240-567-7177 or email.

Interested students may apply to join the Student Senate each semester by visiting the Office of Student Life, Student Senate Office, room 008, or by calling 240-567-7177 or sending an email.

Note that a prospective candidate must participate in an interview with the Senate Executive Board and meet with the Director of Student Life to be considered for a Senate position.  Interviews and meetings are scheduled after the Senate application has been received. These are elected positions. The deadline to apply is on the third Friday in September for the fall semester and the third Friday in February for spring semester. 

Student Activities Board

The Student Activities Board (SAB) is a student-run organization that strives to enhance the Montgomery College student experience through planning and promoting a wide range of social, cultural, recreational, and educational on-campus programs to serve the diverse needs and interest of the student body. Contact us to get involved