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Rockville Office of Student Life

Students on the Rockville Campus

The Rockville Office of Student Life is the hub for getting involved on and off campus. We provide intentional learning opportunities that promote individual growth, leadership development, and community engagement while empowering students to bring about personal and social change. The Office of Student Life is now posting virtual events for new and returning students. Learn more about their upcoming events.

Clubs, Organizations, and Activities

The Rockville Student Life Team

Lisa Hackley, Director of Student Life, 240-567-5092, SV 104G
Susan Ahearn-Pierce , Media Advisor, SV 007C
Britney Green, Event Coordinator, SV 104F
Gauri Jayasinghe, Administrative Aid, 240-567-4094 SV 104A
Val Melgosa, Student Life Specialist, 240-567-7181, SV 104D
Libby McClayton, Service Learning Coordinator, 240-567-4951, SV 104E

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