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Your experiences as a Montgomery College student are different from those at any other time of your life. You juggle classes, work, and other responsibilities; establish new friendships and connect with others, but most of all you enjoy new freedoms. That's exactly why we're here. Clubs are designed to add value to your student life while at MC. You will find endless opportunities to:

  • Meet others, make connections, gain social contacts, but more importantly establish friendships
  • Take part in an exciting and fun experience while learning about yourself and the world around you
  • Develop and hone vital leadership skills
  • Transfer classroom theory into practice 
  • Build your resume and portfolio
  • But more importantly discover your values, potential, and campus spirit

Additionally, clubs have the advantage of collaborating with a faculty member or professional staff advisor and a Student Life Specialist in setting it up to be successful.  

Student Life provides the structure and YOU provide student life with your passion, ideas, and energy. As a member of the MC community, we know that you will contribute in many important ways and we are here to be inspired by you and lead with you to make our campus even more vibrant.

How to Join a Club

You have a variety of options to join a club and get involved. Follow the easy steps below to get involved.

  1. Review the club listing and contact the club(s) directly you are interested in.
  2. There is a club meeting schedule on the club listing so you can go to a meeting.
  3. At the beginning of each semester you are encourage to attend club program’s annual “CLUB RUSH” where you can meet the numerous clubs, speak with members, and ask questions.
  4. If you cannot attend CLUB RUSH, then you can visit the Office of Student Life, review the club listing, and complete a “Join a Club” form and we will connect you.
  5. If you have an idea for a new club, please email Mrs. Price, It’s that easy. What are you waiting for? Join a club today!

It’s that easy. What are you waiting for? Join a club today!

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Join a Club

Join one of our dozens of campus clubs to meet other students, discover new interests, and develop leadership and collaboration skills.

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Start a Club

Don't see a club that meets your interests? Start one of your own. This handbook will guide you through the process of starting and running a club.

Club Leaders and Advisors

Leading a student club is challenging but rewarding work. It is neither the role of the president nor of the advisor to run the club alone, but rather to facilitate its growth and development. Student clubs are most effective, productive, and enjoyable when everyone plays a part in their success. Everything you need to know about running a club can be found here in the Club Handbook (PDF, Get Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader.-Link opens in new window.) .

Club Awards

At the end of the academic year the Student Life Office acknowledges and celebrates the club leaders, advisors and all those who assist the clubs in its achievements, endeavors, and service. All clubs are encouraged to submit a club portfolio with a brief biography and its body of work for the academic year to your Student Life Specialist. This will be reviewed by a committee. This includes, but is not limited to: 

  • acknowledgments and recognition such as letters, emails, and awards
  • photos
  • flyers
  • events
  • budget request
  • a listing of events, meetings, service, and other related activities

Club Awards to be given at the End of the Year Student Life Award Banquet.

The Spirit of Service Club Award is awarded to a student or group of students whose dedication to service and consistency of purpose to the MC community, exceeded expectations.

This award is in recognition to a club for its outstanding work, service, and accomplishments in creating a new club at the Montgomery College Takoma Park/Silver Spring Campus community and the Club Program. 
This award is in recognition to a club for its outstanding dedication to serving the Montgomery College Takoma Park/Silver Spring Campus community and the Club Program by encompassing the spirit of Montgomery College and building lasting partnerships. 

This award is in recognition to a club for an outstanding event serving the Montgomery College Takoma Park/Silver Spring Campus community and the Club Program. 

This award is given to those who demonstrate generous support in assisting clubs accomplish its mission and goals. 

This award recognizes an advisor who has excelled in providing guidance, support and assistance to a club/organization.
This award is presented to a club that has demonstrated perseverance in promoting its mission statement and activities and is also recognized for their positive attributes in achieving their club goals through program, events and/or activities. 
This award is being presented to a club that has made a significant effort to further its purpose through its contribution to Montgomery College. It recognizes the student organization that has demonstrated consistent flexibility, initiative, creativity, and perseverance through their activities and programs. 
This award recognizes a student who has demonstrated exceptional leadership and has enhanced participation and involvement within their organization, the campus, and the community as a whole.
This award recognizes an individual who has contributed to his/her club and campus community in a meaningful yet behind-the-scenes way.
This award is presented to a club that held an outstanding event during the past year. The group must have successfully demonstrated navigating the event planning process, exhibited critical thinking and problem-solving skills, welcomed a diverse population of participants, and enriched the co-curricular experience of the MC Community.