Harrisburg Univ of Science and Technology

Harrisburg, PA

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Harrisburg University Description

Harrisburg University of Science and Technology is a private urban educational institution that provides competencies that encourage the successful navigation of the STEM careers by all students. Harrisburg University opened its doors on August 25th, welcoming its first class of 113 students.  The University represents STEM-based economic development and it has become a blue print for chambers of commerce around the nation to meet their talent dividends.

Central to Harrisburg University’s mission is to link education to business needs in the region. Long before we accepted a single application, senior management met with more than 100 chief executive officers from companies throughout the Commonwealth to determine their workforce needs. Based on the answers the university designed its curriculum.  Members of regional industry are also participant in developing the university’s course curriculum and participating as corporate faculty and program advisory members. Additionally, multiple internships are mandatory.

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