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Refund Policy for WDCE Classes

Refund and Withdrawal Policy for Noncredit Classes, Workforce Development and Continuing Education

Notice: if you are trying to drop/withdraw from a Montgomery College Credit class visit Tuition Refunds for Credit Courses

 If you wish to drop a WDCE class, you can drop the class through MYMC  prior to the class start date, or by completing a  Drop Form (PDF, Get Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader - Link opens in new window) and submitting it by mail or fax as indicated on the form. Or you may submit the form at any WDCE Customer Servicenew window location.  Drop forms for one-day classes must be received in WDCE prior to the class start date. Refunds will be paid at 100% for courses  cancelled or dropped on or before the Refund Date printed on your registration confirmation. Refunds for open-enrollment classes will go to the registered student of record. 

DO NOT drop classes online through MYMC on or after the day the class begins; you will NOT receive a refund. You must use the Drop Form to withdraw from a class after it has started!

Note: Youth Programs, Ed2Go Online, or ESL / APPE Courses have special withdrawal/drop policies. See below for special instructions for those courses. 

WDCE Drop Form
If you drop a course after the date listed on the student registration confirmation, you must submit your request in writing, include Name, MC Identification number, course title, CRN number, and one of the following:
  • Reason for non-attendance in class(s)
  • Illness (student or immediate family physician's note)
  • Death - immediate family member or student (copy of death certificate)
  • Involuntary entry into active duty in the armed forces (copy of draft notice)
  • Involuntary transfer/ change of work hours by the student's employer (letter from employer)

Additional Notes: 

  • Note: A stop-payment on a check does not constitute withdrawal from class!
  • Refunds are NOT guaranteed, the appeals committee reserves the right to approve / deny requests.
  • T.I.P. Plan (Tuition Installment Plan) students must follow the directions above, however the $35.00 fee is NOT refundable.
  • See below for special instructions for Youth Programs, Ed2Go and other noncredit Online classes, and APPE (formerly  called ESL)  classes.

All requests are sent to:
Montgomery College, Workforce Development and Continuing Education,

Drop/Refund Request
51 Mannakee Street, CC220
Rockville, Maryland 20850.

Please note: Refunds are not guaranteed, the appeals committee reserves the right to approve/deny requests.

Special Instructions for ESL, Ed2Go and other Online classes,  and Youth Programs:

  • Youth Programs students requesting refunds must go to youth programs for instructions.
  • Refunds for Ed2Go and other online classes visit: Noncredit Online Courses
  • ESL students requesting refunds must speak directly with Annette Greene at 240-567-7262.

For Refund or Withdrawal questions, call Customer Service at ( 240) 567-5188