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Science, Engineering, and Technology

Dr. Muhammad Kehnemouyi
Dr. Muhammad Kehnemouyi, Collegewide Dean of Science, Engineering, and Technology

Montgomery College's Science, Engineering, and Technology (SET) area consists of departments offering courses and associate degrees in physics, engineering, geosciences, computer science, cybersecurity, and network and wireless technologies disciplines.

As part of the Montgomery College mission of empowering students to change their lives, we are committed to providing quality instruction that leads to understanding and competence suitable for the emerging global economy. Most of the undergraduate courses are transferable to top tier four-year institutions. Students in these courses have numerous academic enhancement opportunities through student clubs, internships, and undergraduate research.

I am currently the Collegewide Dean of Science, Engineering & Technology at Montgomery College, a position I have assumed since August 14th, 2014. Previously, I was chair of the Physics, Engineering and Geosciences department at Montgomery College.

Our division provides the first two years of the engineering curriculum for over 1,500 full-time and part-time engineering students, about 150 of whom transfer each year to such schools as University of Maryland, GWU, Georgia Tech, and MIT.

Throughout my 35 year tenure as a professor, department chair, and collegewide dean at Montgomery College, I have been a strong advocate for engineering education at both the college and K-12 levels. I am an active member of ASEE and I have been actively involved in several educational initiatives both at higher education and K-12 level.

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Academic Departments

Degrees and Certificates

Engineering Program at Montgomery College

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Grant Support

Our academic programs in the Science, Engineering, and Technology disciplines have grant support exceeding $2 million, including:

Cybersecurity Advisory Board

  • Susan Cargill-Collura -Cisco
  • Sheba Shastri -Index Group
  • Martin Rosendale -Maryland Tech Council
  • Michelle Ferrone-Maryland Tech Council
  • Sam Visner -MITRE
  • Genny Gadwale-MITRE
  • Will Mapp-Qlarent
  • Joe Reddix -The Reddix Group
  • Chet Thaker-Telebright
  • Yum Yu Cheng -United Solutions
  • Michael Chung -Washington Software
  • Vennard Wright -Wave Welcome

Internal MC Members

  • Dr. Alla Webb, Department Chair and Professor
  • Ms. Silvia Vargas, Program Coordinator and Professor
  • Dr. Muhammad Kehnemouyi, Collegewide Dean
  • Ms. Margaret Latimer, Vice President and Provost
  • Ms. David Vargas, Professor
  • Mr. Eduardo Noboa, Cybersecurity Lab Manager
  • Mr. Alusine Sesay, Cybersecurity Instructional Lab Coordinator

Engineering and Computer Science Advisory Board

  • Dr. Paul C. Brand – Center for Neutron research, NIST
  • Mr. Adrian Chapman – President and Chief Operating Officer, Washington Gas
  • Dr. Lorraine Fleming – Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Howard University
  • Dr. William Fourney – Associate Dean of Engineering, University of Maryland College Park
  • Ms. Mary Kraft – U.S. Director of Services, Hewlett Packard
  • Mr. Bobby Patton – CEO, Patton Electronics
  • Dr. Julia Ross – Dean of Engineering and Information Technology, UMBC
  • Mr. Daniel Sawyer – Group Leader, Dimensional Metrology Group, NIST
  • Dr. Devdas Shetty – Dean of Engineering and Applied Science, UDC
  • Dr. Joseph P. Teter – Director of Technology Transfer, Naval Surface Warfare Center
  • Dr.  Benjamin Tsai – Physical Scientist, Sensor Science Division, NIST

Internal MC Members

  • Dr. Nawal Benmouna, Department Chair and Professor
  • Dr. Alla Webb, Department Chair and Professor
  • Dr. Chienann Alex Hou, Program Coordinator and Professor
  • Dr. Muhammad Kehnemouyi, Collegewide Dean
  • Ms. Margaret Latimer, Vice President and Provost
  • Dr. Max Nam, Program Coordinator and Professor