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Physical Sciences, Engineering, Computer Science, Cybersecurity, and Networking Department

Germantown and Takoma Park/Silver Spring Campuses


Fully Online Degrees

Our computer science and technologies program offers two fully online degrees. Our online degree programs have the same curriculum and requirements as the traditional on-campus degree programs, and the courses are taught by the College’s expert faculty who have been trained and certified in online quality assurance. 

Welcome to the Physical Sciences, Engineering, Computer Science, Cybersecurity and Networking Department at the Germantown and Takoma Park/Silver Spring Campuses of Montgomery College.

We offer a host of courses  in a number of different disciplines to accommodate all types of students. Whether you are looking to complete a degree here at Montgomery College, start a program of study to transfer to a four year university, or simply attend a course in the interest of professional development, we can help. 

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Noncredit Courses and Training

Our Workforce Development and Continuing Education's Information Technology Institute offers a variety of noncredit hands-on computer training classes ranging from very basic computer skills to advanced software development and computer certification classes.