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Course Prerequisites and Assessment Levels

Most courses have assessment levels and/or prerequisites that you must meet prior to registration. You can view course descriptions, prerequisites and assessment levels in the College Catalog. Here is an example:

BI 209 GENERAL GENETICS 4 semester hours BI-Biological Sciences
Course Description: This course introduces major concepts in genetics at the cellular, molecular, and population levels; it also reviews and expands classical Mendelian principles, the molecular nature of the gene, gene action, gene regulation, and gene frequencies in populations. Examples, drawn from prokaryotes and eukaryotes, emphasize recent advances in health, medicine, and biotechnology.
PREREQUISITES: BI 107, MA 110 or higher. Four hours of chemistry recommended but not required.
Assessment levels: EN 101/101A, RD 120. Three hours lecture, three hours laboratory each week.

Assessment levels are approved by the Office of Records and Registration.


If you have completed college-level math and/or English courses at another college/university or have a college degree, you may submit a transcript to verify having met the assessment levels and/or prerequisites.

  • If you are a degree-seeking student at Montgomery College, you must submit an official transcript to be evaluated by a transcript evaluator. The transcript evaluation process takes several weeks.

  • To facilitate course registration prior to submission of your official transcript, you may provide an unofficial transcript for verification. Please note: providing an unofficial transcript can facilitate registration but degree seeking students must submit an official transcript(s) for evaluation for transfer credit. Students have three ways to produce an unofficial transcript to verify assessment levels:

      • By Paper: Bring in an unofficial transcript from an accredited U.S. college or university to the Office of Records and Registration.   

      • By Fax:  Request an unofficial transcript be faxed directly from the previous college or university:

        Germantown Admissions and Records: Fax: 240-567-7815
        Rockville Admissions and Records: Fax: 240-567-5037
        Takoma Park/Silver Spring Admissions and Records: Fax: 240-567-1497

      • Unofficial Web Printed Transcript: You may use one of the computers in the Admissions and Records' lobby to log and print an unofficial WEB transcript from your previous college/university website. This must be done in front of an Admissions Representative who will sign and date the document. You may also print a web transcript in front of a Counselor or Advisor, who will sign and date the document before you drop off your transcript in Admissions and Records.

Non Degree-Seeking Students

If you are NOT seeking a degree at MC but need prerequisite courses posted for registration purposes,  you may present your unofficial transcript to the Department Chair of your course and request a prerequisite override. If you need to verify assessment levels, you can follow the directions above.

Course Prerequisites

Course prerequisites are approved by the academic departments.  

If there is a further course prerequisite requirement, take your signed and dated unofficial transcript to the appropriate academic department for consultation and override.