Credit or Audit?

When registering for a class, you have the option of taking the class for credit or audit. The cost for the class will be the same regardless of the grading option you choose.

If you choose to take the class for credit, you will earn a grade as well as college credits which can be applied towards a degree or certificate. 

If you choose to take the class for audit, you will receive NO grade or college credits for the class.

You must select your grading option at the time of registration.  If you wish to change your grading option (credit to audit, or audit to credit) after the class has begun, you must obtain the signature of the instructor on a Registration/Schedule Change form  (PDF, Download Acrobat Reader)  and submit the form to the Admissions and Records Office. Your registration status may not be changed after 20% of class meetings for the course.

There is a deadline to change your grading option. The deadline for your specific classes can be found through MyMC:

  1. Log in to MyMC.
  2. Under the "Student Quick Links" click on "My Class Schedule."
  3. Select the current term.
  4. Click on "View Drop Deadline Dates" at the bottom of the page.

Changes after the deadline require submission of an Academic Appeal form  (PDF, Download Acrobat Reader) .

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