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Classes and Academic Support Offered in Multiple Languages

Classes and Academic Support Offered in Multiple Languages


Montgomery College provides numerous options for students to receive support for their classes in languages other than English.

You can search the class schedule for current offerings. 

Credit Classes 

Bilingual Classes

  • BIOL 150 Principles of Biology 1: Bilingual weekly review session in Spanish in person at the Rockville campus and with a Zoom component
  • EDUC 101 Foundations of Education
    EDUC 119 Introduction to Early Childhood Education: Can also be done in Spanish; to be scheduled
  • HIST 245 Latin American History: Instruction in this course section will be provided in Spanish. Students who enroll are expected to be proficient in both spoken and written Spanish. Readings and assignments may be either in English or Spanish at the instructor's discretion.
  • MATH 181 Calculus I: This is a dual language class. Proficiency in both Spanish and English is required. This course is ideal for Spanish-speaking students who prefer the flexibility of instruction and explanations provided in English or Spanish. Students may participate and ask questions in Spanish. The professor will use Spanish when responding to students’ comments and questions posed in Spanish. All assessments and assignments will be administered in English. Contact RV Math Department chair at to determine eligibility.

Full Immersion World Language Classes

(These are not in two languages)

  • All ASLP classes:  The language in the classroom and for communicative assignments is American Sign Language
  • CHIN 201, CHIN 202, Intermediate Chinese I and II
  • FREN 201, FREN 202 Intermediate French I and II
  • FREN 207, FREN 208 Readings in French Literature
  • ITAL 201  Intermediate Italian I
  • KORA 201, KORA 202 Intermediate Korean I and II
  • RUSS 201, RUSS 202 Intermediate Russian I and II
  • SPAN 201, SPAN 202 Intermediate Spanish I and II
  • SPAN 206  Spanish for Heritage speakers
  • SPAN 215  Advanced Composition and Conversation
  • SPAN 216 Introduction to Latin American Literature

Noncredit Classes

Workforce Development and Continuing Education offers the following programs in Spanish:

General Support

Bilingual tutors and support staff are available to tutor and/or assist students in over 30 languages as well as English. Language availability may be limited to specific centers and/or subjects. Please check with the Learning Centers if you want assistance in a language other than English. 

Check the list of courses below for summer session I, summer session II and fall sessions where faculty will provide academic support in dual languages.