Majors and Degrees

Majors and Degrees

At MC, you can choose from more than 100 majors and programs of study.

Explore our degree and certificate programs and find out how you can further your education, transfer and earn a bachelor's degree, or prepare for a new career.

All Credit Degrees and Certificates

Montgomery College offers five types of associate's degrees, as well as certificates. An associate's degree is a college degree awarded after the completion of a 60- to 70-credit combination of courses (generally, about 20 courses). A certificate is a shorter program (minimum of 12 credits) focusing on the development of specific skills. 

To ensure that our students gain a broad foundation of knowledge, every associate's degree program requires students to take a core group of classes in English, math, arts, behavioral and social sciences, humanities, and science as part of the General Education Program. Degree-seeking students can also expect to take courses specific to their major and, in some cases, electives.

See all majors offered in each degree, or browse an alphabetical list of all programs of study.

Associate of Arts

MC offers 22 AA degrees recognizing mastery in the liberal and fine arts and is intended for transfer to equivalent bachelor of arts programs at four-year schools.

Associate of Science

MC offers 22 AS degrees recognizing mastery in science or technology and is intended for transfer to bachelor of science programs at four-year institutions.

Associate of Arts in Teaching

MC offers seven AAT degrees recognizing mastery in a core of professional education coursework and fieldwork consistent with the first two years of teacher preparation. 

Associate of Fine Arts

MC offers two AFA degrees (graphic design and studio art) recognizing mastery in the professional arts by those planning to transfer to a BFA program.

Associate of Applied Science

MC offers 39 AAS degrees recognizing mastery of vocational-technical occupational skills and intended for those seeking immediate employment opportunities.


MC offers 64 certificate programs recognizing successful completion of a sequence of courses (a minimum of 12 credits) that focus on the development of specific technical skills.

Highlighted Majors and Programs of Study 

Learn more about a few of our programs below. Don't see what you're looking for? Browse all of our programs, sorted either by major or by degree type

* General Studies: a flexible degree path emphasizing transfer in one of four academic cores: Humanities, Arts, Communications, and Languages (HACL); Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM); Social Sciences, Administration, and Health (SSAH); or Integrated Studies (INTG)

Fully Online Degrees

Earn your associate's degree completely online. Montgomery College offers four fully online degrees: business, computer science and technologies, criminal justice, and general studies. The courses are taught by MC's expert faculty, following the same curricula as the traditional degree programs. Learn more about online learning options

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